Since the days of the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, signage has been used as a means of visual communication (and physical for braille) in all facets of life, including directional and informational.

Fast-forward to today, and signage is just as important for communication as it was 4,000 years ago  – from directional, street signage, corporate and information, right through to safety signage. Each piece is critical to how we live our lives today. Imagine a worksite with no safety signage warning of hazards or dangers, identifying streets or building numbers (without our mobile phones of course). Going shopping with no information as to what shop is which or even identification of facilities such as toilets or kitchen. Chaos will reign supreme!

As each piece of signage has its own individual environment, over the coming weeks we will provide a range of different options and inspiration – from safety signage through to corporate and directional. We will provide recommendations on best materials to use in certain environments, as well as show some great and unique material options for that brand new funky office or opening plaque.

Plus of course, with 55 years of laser marking and laser engraving experience, our team has the skill set and knowledge to become your trusted production partner.

Connect with Industrial to discuss how we can support your project requirements. Don’t forget to visit for your award and laser cutting inspiration.